Laboratory-Conditioned Space

Through collaboration with our friend and colleague, Geochemist, Walter Dibble Jr. PhD (1946-2015), between 2012-2015, we reproduced in a practice clinic environment for the first time some of the ground breaking research work of the William A Tiller Foundation, investigating and acquiring laboratory data evidence of other mostly unknown and probable co-factors in extraordinary clinical and healing outcomes. We have presented these findings at international medical-scientific meetings, and some of the documentation and data have been international peer review published [Malter, Woessner, JSHO, 2018]. Below is some summary documentation. More data will be fully published at a later time.

This project has now been paused.

We have successfully, intentionally, created a Laboratory “conditioned space” in the Frankston clinic rooms.

This means that our medical facility is also a special laboratory space.

We have reproduced and are at the beginning of applying clinically some of the revolutionary work of the William A. Tiller Institute in the USA.

The characteristic of such a ‘conditioned space’, including our clinic rooms, is that it exhibits thermodynamic properties beyond that of normal space. Technically, this is a space that no longer conforms to a “normal”, U(1) Electromagnetic Gauge Symmetry Level.

The measurements of this ‘space-conditioning’ are being made with world-class laboratory equipment using standard and best laboratory practises. The data collected have been periodically checked and analyzed by aqueous geochemistry specialist and Research Associate of the William A Tiller Institute (USA).

Of potential enormous clinical-medical significance, this means we have a treatment space with more thermodynamic free energy per unit volume to perform physical/chemical recovery/healing/repair work (like having an extra internal battery available).


Not a New Idea

The term, ‘subtle energetics’, of which space conditioning is just one aspect of, and that also includes the local and non-local effects of human consciousness, is not a new idea. Nobel Laureates, Plank, Schödinger, Sperry and Josephson consider(ed) that consciousness is fundamental[74,75,76] and a causal reality[77] beyond physio-chemical processes in the brain[78] that the overall mass of evidence argues strongly that the phenomena of ‘nonlocal’ consciousness is real and needs to be integrated into the current reference frame of modern science.[79]

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The great work of the Tiller Institute has made these subtle energetics, under very specific conditions, detectable, and at least to some extent, measurable in real-time using standard laboratory equipment and modern scientific method. This is an enormous advance of true revolutionary scale: it gives us the potential to consciously access and monitor subtle energetics.

Our equipment is regularly detecting subtle energetics during our weekly clinical sessions. For the technically interested, a graph of the raw data showing these phenomena is here [fuller notations to data to follow].  The pH troughs in the data marked by the “THUR8AM” arrows correspond to the weekly commencements of our work at the clinic during this period. The underlying inverse temperature-pH relationship between the expected, theoretical, calculated data plot (light blue line) and the actual measured data plots (dark blue line = what really happened), which is “impossible” thermodynamically according to U(1) Electromagnetic Gauge Symmetry Level Chemistry and Physics models, is the clear data ‘signature’ of our conditioned clinical space.

This is a complex business and therefore a work in progress . . .