Electromagnetic Health Consulting

Electromagnetic Health Consulting

Electromagnetic Health Consulting


Our services are unique and advanced based on clinical pathology radiofrequency (RF) and near field (50-60Hz) electromagnetic field (EMF) testing experience.



Electromagnetic Health Consulting: We provide home and clinical assessments: –

To assess radiation factors in a home, workplace, or in many other environments, both the higher radiofrequency (RF) radiation and lower frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted from many common sources, need to analyzed and measured in terms of their peak strengths and their frequencies.

Measurements are performed with an instrument called a Spectrum Analyzer. Without this instrument, the assessment is very incomplete for the reasons explained here. Our assessment can be made for the EMF frequency range between 50 (Hertz)Hz to 10 GigaHz that covers all public EMF exposures.

In addition, we can make a Geiger counter reading for detection of higher energy/frequency radiation sources (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), and also electronic measurement of the localized geomagnetic field strength and pattern, for possible distortions caused by (large) metal structures or geological variations.

We can recommend electronically measurable solutions to reduce or eliminate EMF radiation exposure from multiple sources, for prevention of disease and deterioration of health, where possible.

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