Cilantro Tincture

Biodynamically produced Cilantro Tincture

Sold as a dietary supplement or for veterinary use. Details about the product are given for informational purposes only. Can also be taken together with zeolite powder.

Other names: Chinese Parsley, Coentro, Coriander Leaves, Dhanyaka, Coriandrum sativum, Fresh Coriander, Kustumburi, Persil Arabe, Persil Chinois, Persil Mexicain.

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Studies & reviews that report on cilantro aluminium detoxification and other heavy metal chelation

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Micro-circulation deficiencies can prevent heavy metal detoxification

There are food grade substances such as cilantro, when appropriately prepared, which help remove (‘chelate’) and prevent heavy metal deposition in the body. They work by disconnecting the molecular chemical bonds from contaminated cells, binding to them, and thereby enabling their excretion from the body, via the urinary or gastrointestinal tracts.

Sometimes, there is an obstacle for chelation detoxification to succeed. If there is restricted blood flow through the very small blood vessels (arterioles) supplying a localized area of the body, including organ, other anatomical structure or tissues, then the chelating substances cannot get to those areas very well, and so detoxification does not occur or is reduced. These microcirculation blood flow disturbances can be due to numerous factors, acting in any combination, including:

  • Localized inflammation in tissue microenvironments
  • Neuropathy (damaged) of smallest diameter motor nerves leaving chronically vasoconstricted arterioles
  • Normal (undamaged) motor nerves constricting arterioles due to other pathology

The neurological control of arterioles is illustrated in the diagram below and explained in detail in this journal article.

Cilantro Aluminium Detoxification

FIGURE 4.1. Schematic of the extrinsic and intrinsic innervations of submucosal arterioles in the guinea pig small intestine. Am. J. Physiol. 1996; 271: pp. G223–G230, from Kvietys PR, The Gastrointestinal Circulation. Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences; 2010.

Electromedical interventions can improve these microcirculatory problems and help detoxification. Contact us for advice.



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