Prohibition Orders

The Electromedicine Clinic & Research Lab has the below Prohibition Orders disallowing it from providing treatment and other non clinical health services to patients with a diagnosis of cancer or other terminal illness even palliatively.

IPO – EPA Life Pty Ltd
IPO – Electromedicine Clinic & Research Lab


Response to Prohibition Orders 

Our clinic has international peer-review published clinical case studies showing partial and complete reversal, shrinkage and disappearance of cancerous growths (called ‘neoplasms’) as a concurrent and direct result of our treatments, even after conventionally documented extended disease progression, without any conventional oncological treatment given (no radiotherapy, chemotherapy nor surgery). These results were confirmed by sequential (before, during, after), conventional oncological laboratory tests and radiological scans and their corresponding specialist reports. Some of these fully documented clinical case studies have been presented at international medical-scientific conferences in the USA and reviewed by the publishing peer-reviewed medical journal Board of Editors. These confirmed clinical results have never been refuted, including not by any appropriately qualified medical expert nor medical board.

We achieved these confirmed clinical results together with the combined efforts of our patients for their recovery. We have almost certainly saved lives, have in fact extended lives far beyond terminal prognoses, and prevented the need for many planned major operations.

The Health Complaints Commission (HCC) of Victoria, Australia has investigated our clinic. However, as an established matter of fact, we did not receive a single complaint about our healthcare delivery by any patient of our clinic prior to the HCC investigation. In response to the investigation, we submitted detailed, complete and full administrative, clinical medical (including fully documented clinical case reports) and scientific data based responses to every issue raised by the HCC. The medical advisors of the HCC were given every opportunity to study the submitted clinical reports. Despite these comprehensive submissions, the HCC has issued permanent Prohibition Orders, such that the clinic is prohibited from providing any healthcare whatsoever even palliatively to any patient for their diagnosis of cancer disease, related symptoms or other terminal illness; these prohibitions are absolute and prevent us from providing any healthcare even to a patient who has already received conventional oncological care (hospital cancer treatment) that they have not responded to and who is thereafter seeking other treatments in order to try to survive; nor to an individual who has decided after their fully informed consideration of treatment options open to them, not to go ahead with conventional oncological treatment and rather to pursue other treatments; we are also prohibited from passing on or teaching our relevant clinical expertise and methodologies to other medical professionals.

Our clinical treatments given to patients relating to the HCC investigation had no side effects. These treatments compare to those of standard oncology that includes chemotherapy that itself kills many thousands of patients worldwide every year, as published internationally in peer-reviewed medical journals and by government health department reports, some of which are summarized here.

I requested from the HCC that the final report of its investigation be published, including my submitted responses to all issues raised, as specifically provided for by the Health Complaints Act 2006, Section 150(2)(b)(iii). My request has been refused by the HCC. I am also thus legally prohibited from publishing my own statements, explanations, arguments and evidences that I submitted in response to the issues raised by the HCC investigation. Thus the HCC investigation was conducted as and will remain a completely secretive one, and any possible transparency and open debate about the HCC report have been made illegal by this process! I believe [said for legal reasons] that an independent review of the HCC report would find major problems of inaccuracies, distortions, omissions, logic and basic medical-scientific misunderstandings.

I wrote my responses to the issues raised by the HCC investigation also in acknowledgement of the staff of our clinic, who have worked together for well over a decade, and who have very significantly benefited the quality of lives and improved the health of many hundreds of Australians, including those with diagnoses of cancer disease, for which our clinic has received over these years many expressions of thanks and gratitude, verbally and in writing, from these patients and their families, for which we feel extremely proud, privileged and humbled.

I hope that the clinical methodologies that we have developed, which are robustly clinical data evidence based, and that have in fact led to first of their kind clinical results in Australia, will one day be taught either in part or in their entirety to the appropriate medical professionals and be made generally available to the Australian public. We will in the meantime continue to share and publish our medical-scientific methodologies, treatments and clinical outcomes at international medical-scientific meetings and in journal published papers.

Richard Malter

27 September 2021