Normal-Abnormal Tissue Identification

We have developed a non-invasive method of determining (measuring) and analyzing what is normal or abnormal tissue in organs, tumors, and other anatomical structures.

We have substantial clinical evidence to support that we have made very significant achievement in the development of this method.  This includes the following measurement predicted results confirmed by ‘before’ and ‘after’ diagnostic ultrasound [US], magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] and computerized tomography [CT/CAT] scan:

  • [US] Complete reversal of fatty invasion of the liver;
  • [US] Complete reversal of Pancreatitis (hypo-dense pancreatic tissue);
  • [US] Complete disappearance of (originally bleeding) uterine polyp [× 2];
  • [CAT scan] stable and shrunk lung tumor (“cancer”) [and no lymphadenopathy or new pulmonary tumors] originally given a “90%” “malignant” terminal diagnosis/prognosis, after 15 month comparison study interval;
  • [US+CAT scan] complete disappearance of multiple hepatic neoplasms (secondary liver “cancers”);
  • [CAT scan] complete disappearance of a “rare” “incurable” primary squamous cell carcinoma (a primary “cancer”);
  • [CAT scan] confirmed reversal (disappearance) of localized, chronic scarring in lungs (pulmonary fibrosis) caused by diagnosed tuberculosis; infection.
  • [US] Normalization of hepatic cyst and probable liver tissue regeneration;
  • [Endoscopy] Shrinkage and normalization of vocal cord squamous cell carcinoma.



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