We have developed what we call a “Multi-Category BioModel”

This is essentially an advanced scientific tool (a ‘model’) to help us think comprehensively about what causes any disease, and what facilitates recovery/reversal/normalization, ie ‘healing’ of any disease, down to the circumstances of any individual.

Our Model brings together recent and under-utilized discoveries in the fields of Chemistry, Electromagnetism and Subtle Energetics (‘categories’ of our Model), all directly in relation to health, causes of disease, and recovery from disease.

The huge advantage of this Model is that it takes into full account the many known and unknown possible causes of any disease. Conventional medicine largely ignores most of these huge categories of natural and artificial phenomena and is mostly limited to the Chemistry category of disease only. With this Model, we can then far more usefully review, understand and analyze the data, results, etc of virtually any medical/scientific clinical study or trial, population study, existing or new treatment assessment, etc.

More technical information and presentation

The MC-BioModel fits into the context of all of science and traditional and modern medicine, all of which function on the basis of models—some, now, that are very old and scientifically far out of date!

Our Model, which has been developed from our research and research and clinical work, is very advanced as it brings and puts together very up to date and rigorously proven (medical) science that is rarely thought about or even known about in mainstream medicine.

As a demonstration of our Model’s real usefulness in actual clinical situations, applying this Model to healing, we have in fact facilitated disease reversal of medical conditions that are generally considered “irreversible”, and “incurable”. These confirmed results have been published internationally in a specially ‘super’ peer-reviewed journal with an Editorial Board and Editors in Chief that include Nobel Laureate scientists and other eminent Professors of science and medicine. We have several other such results pending submission for publication that demonstrate our clinical consistency based on this Model.